Tips in Maintaining Dental Implants

Tooth loss is just but ordinary these days. It seems that dentists will not be surprised anymore as it is already almost a daily occurrence when a customer will come asking for the best solution to replace the permanent loss of teeth or a tooth. If this is also your situation now, you should know that aside from bridges and dentures, there is now a new and better way to fix tooth loss and that is implant dentaire. This is when a fabricated tooth is place to the jawbone and will be allowed to blend with the bone in a matter of time.


Most of the time, dental implants are successful. However, this is not the end of this as even if that will almost feel like permanent in time, still you know that it is not your real tooth and it is just fabricated. This is why, one should maintain a dental implant per advice of their dentist. You can also refer to these tips on the proper maintenance of dental implants:

  • Commendable oral hygiene should be practiced – the basic is to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day. However, you can do better than this if you want the best result like you can brush every after meal and floss as well.

  • Quit smoking! – this is a must actually and for sure you already know why. Aside from the fact that smoking is really the worst for your health, it can also weaken the bone structure of your teeth and indirectly affecting the integrity of the implants. This can even generate implant failure at times.
  • Regularly visit your dentist – even if you have done your best in maintaining your teeth, still it is a must that you visit your dentist in a regular manner. By regular, it means every six months as the dentist can check if your implants are still in good condition and that they stay that way.
  • Avoid eating hard food – admit it, this is still an implant. It is not your original tooth thus it will never be as durable. This is why, you should avoid chewing hard food as much as possible.

Sometimes, it is all about how you maintain what you have. Like for example when it comes to dental implants, you will enjoy their benefits if you follow the dentist’s orders in maintaining them.