Super Foods Like Lymphosan Can Make A Huge Difference To Your Health

In recent times, here has been an explosion of consumer interest in the health enhancing role of specific foods or physiologically active food components, the so called functional foods.  They are defined as any food or food ingredient that may provide a health benefit beyond the traditional existing nutrients that it contains.

Even though there is a huge and rapid increase in the number of people consuming dietary supplements in the world, for most it continues to be a cumbersome step to inculcate as part of their food habits.

Requirements of various consumers

The demand for vitamin, minerals and trace element supplements may form a large part of the health care market but a significant number of people are also looking for a more general and holistic supplement. These people do wish to take multiple supplements and would choose an easier alternative.

The alternate solution

Lymphosan products are concentrated solutions that are rich in minerals and other such vitamins and nutrients. A few drops of this concentrate is to be added in proportionate amounts of water or a person’s drink of choice, like tea and mixed well so that it dissolves in the drink. The concentrate has no major effect on the taste of the drink but the essential nutrients do get dissolved, thus the user is able to obtain those nutrients without having to ingest any pills or capsules.

Types of concentrates

There are a number of different Lymphosan products available depending on the varying requirements of the customer. A Lymphosan concentrate cater essentially to the adults as they are high concentrations of nutrients and targeted mainly to the people belonging to the age group of 25years and above.

There are currently 6 available variants of the Lymphosan concentrate in Vietnam. These include intestinal defence which has a laxative effect and controls and helps with constipation; cardio balance, made by a combination of natural ingredients, it helps reduce blood fat and supports the normal activity of the cardiovascular system; female beauty, made with natural and herbal ingredients, it regulates hormones, cleanses the body, slows down the process of ageing; liver vitality, its active ingredients supports liver protection; joint comfort is a source of fibre and collagen help fight joint degeneration and promote joint flexibility. Lastly, the Lymphosan pure life is an excellent source of fibre, aids in digestion, prevents constipation and helps in the elimination of harmful substances from the body.