Steroids usage in athletics

Athletics means a competition on various sports and games that involves various physical skills. Various countries encourage their sportsmen to participate in various competitions held. People who participate in these competitions are called as athlete. ‘Athletic word is derived from Germanword ‘athlos’ which means contest.  These competitions are held to increase the sporting spirit among people.

But the basic objective of the competitions got defeated. Instead of developing sporting spirit, athlete started feeling prestigious if he loses the match. Similarly countries organizing these competitions and countries participating in these competitions are also losing the spirit and it became significant to won the match. This attitude of the sportsperson gave entrance to steroids into athletics.

By using various steroids, athlete would show the increased performance in the game. Apart these steroids also lessen the recovery period of an athlete from various injuries. Due to less recovery period, he is able to participate in more number of games which helped him in earning more money. Anabolic steroids are the most commonly used drug in athletic. Some athletes prefer to take the supplementary diet that gives the effect of steroid.

As steroids are considered as a performance enhancers, using some kind of steroids are restricted as it is unfair to have a competition between natural athlete and steroid used athlete. So many worldwide competitions organizers restricted the usage of steroids and all the players should go through doping test before competition to prove they did not used any enhancers. Though they is a proper supervision, few player who are popular for that sport caught using these performance enhancers. Here is the list of athletes who used steroids and got caught.

Athletes who used steroids

Dwain Chambers who is a British runner got caught for using anabolic steroid during the year 2002.

Marion Jones, an American field racer got banned and her gold and bronze medals are taken back which she won in Olympics. She was caught in doping test.

Lance Armstrong , French cyclist who won seven races continuously, received lifetime ban as he used steroids as performance enhancers.

Mark McGwire, a baseball player, used steroids in juice and created a record of home runs. He later admitted that he used the performance enhancer during his career.

Ryan Braun, who is also a baseball player, used P.E.D.’s  during his career and received life time ban on sports.

Test conducted

Blood and urine samples are collected during the competitions and the level of testosterone (T) and epitestosterone (E) is tested which is called as T/E ratio. Some sportsmen use Diuretics and Perma Cleanse for cleansing their system before providing the sample.

Thought steroids tried to enter many sports, it retained its roots in body building. Using steroids is very common in body builders and it is widely accepted.

From the day when Russians Team used steroids, as performance enhancers,  to  till now we are unable to create distance between athletics and steroids. Few are caught and few got escaped.  But nobody is trying to preserve the underline objective of the sports.