Outstanding fat losing properties of Anavar

Anavar is a popular anabolic steroid known by the drug name “Oxandrolone” and is widely used by the bodybuilders. This drug was developed by Searle Laboratories in the 1960s that help to regrow muscles in patients suffering from diseases causing involuntary loss of weight. Searle discontinued the production of the hormone Oxandrolone but other companies started producing this drug and bodybuilders still use this steroid to gain muscle strength and reduce body fat. Due to its mild nature, it is used by both men and women. Women find this drug appealing as they are able to lose body fat like males without developing any male sexual features.

It is immensely popular among performance enhancing bodybuilders and athletes. It is mild on the surface but is hugely anabolic, almost 3-6 times stronger than testosterone. The anabolic rating of this steroid is 322-630 while testosterone’srating is 100. The androgenic property of the hormone is low, making it appropriate for use in females. Fat loss is possible with the use of this tablet not only in people having a lean body but also who want a ripped and toned look before a competition. Athletes with low body mass index benefit by buying this supplement. The average price of Anavar tablets varies according to the brand, type and dosage.

Positive effects

The steroid is used for muscle growth. Massive muscle gains in bulking cycle are not expected from this hormone but an individual gains some lean tissue and the gains are easy to hold on. Females are more sensitive to this drug than men and use it to gain lean mass. This steroid for women is similar to testosterone in men. With proper dosage, women can safely use it without any virilization effect. While some steroids cause side effects like baldness, the growth of body hair or voice deepening, it does not happen with this drug. The hormone does not aromatize so there are no side effects such as water retention and gynecomastia.

For both male and female users, the best way to supplement this steroid is during a cutting phase. It is considered as the best steroid to preserve lean muscle mass during dieting. In dieting, the objective is to lose body fat without muscle loss while maintaining lean tissue. This steroid is an effective agent in preserving muscle mass. It helps in burning fat at a higher rate. Athletes appreciate this drug for its strength. The rate of recovery is increased due to the use of this compound. The individual does not get tired easily and is able to do a workout.

Best place to buy

Most users prefer to buy this steroid online as it is simple and easy. Others prefer to buy at pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription and in drug stores. One can save money by searching oxandrolone for sale as the price of the generic version is lower than the price of Anavar tablets. While looking for sale online, it is important to place sufficient orders to complete the entire cycle. Look for a reputed organization that has received good reviews from users. Understand the shipping and the return policies before buying and make a comparison of the overall price of this steroid to be assured of getting a fair price.