How exactly do you know if you have an erectile dysfunction and how is it normally diagnosed? Erectile dysfunction is simply the inability to get or maintain erection for sexual intercourse. This is a common problem that men all over the world suffer. For medical diagnosis, the basic evaluation would consist of many of the components that are normally a part of a routine physical exam. There are two key questions that are considered: the first one is whether there is any significant medical problem and the second question to addresses what exactly can be done for that.  Refer to the info-graphic below for a quick overview about Erectile Dysfunction.

To diagnose erectile dysfunction, you will need to start with a complete medical history. It is absolutely vital that you gave a detailed and accurate medical history because it can throw light on the diseases that could have possibly lead to your condition. There are several risk factors for erectile dysfunction. Some of them include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, peripheral vascular disorders, abnormalities in blood lipid levels, or pelvic surgery or trauma. There could be other neurological reasons as well such as spinal injury, multiple sclerosis, or head injury. If you are addicted to smoking or alcohol, this could also be the reason why you have erectile dysfunction. All these things will be covered during your routine physical exam.

You must be completely honest with your physician and be prepared to diverse all the list of medications, possibly including any illegal drugs, that you are currently consuming or have taken previously. Almost a quarter of all erectile dysfunction cases can be traced back to prescription medications or other medical conditions. Therefore, being truthful is an important part of diagnosing and treating erectile dysfunction. If a certain medication is revealed to be the root cause of your problem, all that you would need to do would be to cut back on the medication.

During a medical exam, the doctor will ask you questions about shortness of breath, chest pain, pain in your legs, history of heart disease, swelling in legs, and other routine issues. If you are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, you still don’t need to worry because it can be easily taken care of with the help of Kamagra. If you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, take head because Super Kamagra can help. Super Kamagra UK is a well reputed drug to deal with erectile dysfunction in a safe and discreet manner. Cheap Kamagra pills are easily available online and will be delivered right to your doorstep after you place an online order.