Hair Regrowth Information by Hair by Science

Everyone loses hair daily. On average, a normal person may have up to 100 hairs lost per day. The hairs lost are naturally replaced by the growth of other hair. However, there are cases where a person loses the hair more than an average person does which is considered excessive hair loss or premature loss of hair.

There are different conditions that are genetic, diseases or disorders that result to excess hair loss. The cases of hair growth in Australia have increased over years. There are several hair regrowth Australia services being offered. However, before you rush to some of the solutions, it is important that you armed with basic knowledge of hair regrowth.

Causes of hair loss 

It is important to understand the reasons for your hair loss before purchasing the products online. It enables you to select the specialist in hair regrowth in Australia that for that area. Hair loss also referred to as alopecia can be as a result of several conditions. There are different forms of hair loss as well as factors that result to those conditions.


Baldness is a condition commonly among men but also affect women. It is known as androgenic alopecia which is a hereditary condition resulting from the genes from maternal or paternal side of the family. It can start at an early age of teenage years.

Androgenic alopecia caused by DHT sex hormone that triggers hair loss in men is also responsible for hair loss in women. Women experience general hair loss across the head but the hairline is kept intact. The male baldness’s results to systematic loss of hair resulting to M �shape’. There are other factors that can result to hair loss such as medication.

Hair regrowth Australia ( where several products are available online are scientifically manufactured to deal with hair loss problems. The products are found online one can order the product and use it to have full and perfect hair regrowth without visiting a doctor.